Pool cleaning and
maintenance services

Owning a pool

A swimming pool can provide the perfect backyard getaway for you and your family. Pools are not only a great place to relax and spend time together, but also a wonderful way to stay in shape and enjoy better health. LB services can help you enjoy your swimming pool even more with our residential pool service—we’ll take care of pool cleaning and pool maintenance, and even pool opening and closing so your swimming pool will be ready to use whenever you want it.

The benefits of hiring professional pool service

Your pool should be a clean, safe, and beautiful place to spend time with your family. When you work with LB services on maintenance of your pool, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect pool without needing to dedicate your free time to pool care or cleaning, let us worry about the up keeping of your pool and you worry about the next fun day.

Our services

Opening of the pool season:
Emptying and filling the pool
Water control and addition of chemicals

Summer (arrivals 2 times a week, or different - at clients request):

Bottom suction
Edge cleaning
Picking leaves and insects from the surface
Cleaning of filters and pre-filters in the engine room
Control and supplementation with chemicals if needed
Refill water as needed
Pool and engine room control

Winter maintenance:
Control of the pool once a month

We also offer

Garden cleaning and maintenance services

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